Eligible borrowers

  • Staff and students of Catholic Theological College
  • Staff and students of the University of Divinity and its member Colleges
  • Alumni of Catholic Theological College who sign up within a year of graduating are eligible for a 50% discount on current library fees (i.e. $60 for 12 months or $30 for 6 months).
  • Australian Catholic University staff, and students enrolled in ACU’s Master of Theology programme (upon production of letter of introduction from the Melbourne Campus Library Manager)
  • Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne staff are eligible for a 50% discount on current library membership fees (i.e. $60 for 12 months or $30 for 6 months)
  • Members of the public upon production of identification and payment of a borrowing fee. The current fee is $120 for 12 months or $60 for 6 months.


The Library welcomes donations which will be accepted at the discretion of the Library Manager. Among the criteria used to determine acceptability are the following:

  • that the prospective donations fall within the scope of the Library's Collection Development Policy
  • that the donated items do not unnecessarily duplicate materials already held
  • that the physical condition of the materials is acceptable. The Library will normally only accept undamaged materials, materials free of pests and materials which have not been significantly defaced.
  • that the library is in a position to process and maintain the material
  • that the format is such that the Library is able to provide adequate access to the materials.

The Library Manager reserves the right to add donated items to the collection, offer them to other libraries (either overseas or local), place the items in a library book sale, or discard them. Proceeds of book sales are directed back to the general Library fund. Donations are not normally accepted if there are restrictions placed on the items' use or location.


  • Borrowers are responsible for all items borrowed on their library cards.
  • Lost cards should be reported to library staff immediately.
  • Food and drink (including water) may not be consumed inside the library.
  • Patrons are asked to respect the study environment of the library. Conversations within the library should be brief and quiet. Laptop/Notebook computers may be used provided other users are not unduly disturbed by them. Mobile phones may be switched on to receive calls but conversations should be held outside the library.
  • Please do not re-shelve library material. Items should be left on tables for library staff to re-shelve.